My Dad Says I Got My Degree In Talking...

And he's not wrong.  I have a BA in communications with an emphasis on leadership development training and the dramatic interpretation of literature.  Basically I've been fascinated with leadership since I read my first John Maxwell book at 10 years old, thought understanding communication might be one of the most important journeys I could take and loved having a reason to read poetry out loud for class credit.

I gave my very first motivational speech to a room full of 300 community leaders when I was only 9 years old.  Teetering on a stack of phone books just so I could reach the podium, I fell in love that day with empowering people to turn their impossibilities into stepping stones. 

Some 30+ years and 24 countries later, connecting heart-to-heart and encouraging creatives, entrepreneurs & leaders is still one of my favorite things to do.  With heart-felt intuition and dedicated passion to see leaders, businesses, and organizations thrive from the inside out, I am committed to helping entrepreneurs have the tools they need to leave a legacy in their communities and the world at large.


I've had the honor to share with tens of thousands of people all around the world at business, nonprofit, educational and faith-based events & venues over the last 3 decades.


  • Baylor University Staff & Students, Wesleyan University, Texas Tech Leadership Week, Yale Student Groups, FL State Student Groups, University of the Nations, Combined Student Ivy League Leadership Events, Church/Ministry Conferences, Seminaries and Training Schools, Leadership Training Schools in the USA, Europe, India & Africa
  • Toyota (India), Iris Global, FL/GA Blood Alliance, Salvation Army, Toastmasters, Various business leadership training & round-table events

A Few of My Most Requested Topics



Keys to Stewarding Your Story™
Creative Brand Strategy
International Development & Sustainable Empowerment
Wholehearted Leadership
Unlocking Creative Growth
Why Serving is the New Selling
Motivational Addresses
Faith-based Inspirational Messages
WOW!!! Michele is a breath of fresh air! We had the honor of having Michele come in for a series of “boardroom” style meetings with our members and I was blown away with her creativitiy and understanding in her approach to business! She unlocked doors in my heart and mind to see things from a perspective I had not thought of before. Her approach to coaching allows you to remain focused on the desires and visions of your heart and business while opening you up to “new” and creative perspectives of achieving them! She has a incredible gift to release practical “keys” of unlocking doors of hope and passion!

— Mel, CEO Business Empowered


I'm available for both in-person and virtual events, as well as podcasts, interviews, and television and/or radio shows.

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