Christina Burghart Events

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Christina is an amazing wedding planner here in the Jacksonville area.  It has been a joy to follow her around with my camera and work with her to create a brand and a website that shows of her incredible creative skills, care for her clients and spunky personality.

We started with a palette of Christina's signature colors and came up with a timeless hand lettered logo that is embodied the approachable elegance of style.  We then created her a SquareSpace website to clearly communicate her process and grow it into a platform for her to showcase a portfolio of events and to write a blog to begin to share her expertise in a strategic way.


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One of my favorite signature elements on her site is the frame we created for each of her featured review photos from her brides. Simple touches like this set her apart visually and communicate the detailed care in which she servers her brides and their families on their big day.

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