Soulfull Bloom Social Media Challenge


I worked with one of my clients over the holidays to come up with the visual branding for her Facebook community as well as the strategy for her 5 day social media challenge hosted in her Facebook group.  Social media challenges are an amazing way to simultaneously offer valuable actionable content, build community and grow an email list.

This project included both the design of the visual elements, but also to help come up with the strategy for the challenge and set up her email list so that everything was a seamless experience for her participants. 

We started by choosing a a very specific color palette. Color plays a huge role in how our brains interpret, remember and interact with brand visuals.  Adding the right color to brand materials can increase engagement by upwards of 80% [1].

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 2.09.10 AM.png

Soulfull Bloom is coaching and mentoring group for women and often deals with heart level subject matter.  It was important the visuals created a sense of serenity, strength and growth. 

I even got to do a hand-watercolored sign and send it on as a surprise in time for Christmas.

IMG_9018 2.JPG