I'm Living Proof Obstacles Don't Have to Stop You

I am a Jacksonville-born-and-raised native-Floridian who often has sand in my hair, a bit paint on my hands and a cup of coffee at my side. 

I’m also the world’s most unlikely candidate for well, almost everything. I’m the girl who the world told to be realistic and settle down with my limitations.  Born without my left hip and leg, and with a myriad of other congenital abnormalities, I had quite a few limits to consider.  But as you can see, I’m just not the kind to settle.

I walked right into an active conflict zone in Africa in 2006 with a dream in my heart & less than $500 in my pocket. Seven years later, this girl who thinks mascara belongs in a survival kit and whose idea of camping is a spa day, lived without running water or electricity and got to be there to see the world’s newest nation be born from the ashes of war.  Together with our Sudanese staff, we saw hundreds of children at risk for trafficking and exploitation find a home and a future.

I bring 20+ years of branding, communications and organizational development experience to the table as well as extensive work in the nonprofit sector.    I love to empower the people around me to turn their impossibilities into stepping stones.  And I know that it can happen because I live it.  Every. Single. Day.


Storyteller & Speaker. Brand Strategist. Creative Catalyst. Community Gatherer.  Professional Overcomer. Grace clinger. Pixel tamer. Sunset gazer. Dream Wrangler. Paradigm Iconoclast. Social Entrepreneur. Author, Designer & Illustrator. Lover of blank canvases, open roads and empty pages. Alliteration Aficionado.

Create 61 | Vision & Values

Photo: Lisa Silva Photography


Create 61, Inc. exists to provide educational and practical resources for nonprofit organizations and business leaders around the topics of creative advocacy, community building and social entrepreneurship.


A few months later I launched my own bespoke wedding stationery and lifestyle brand.  I believe love can be lettered and inspiration is everywhere when we slow enough to see.  It's my joy to create authentic ways for you to express your heart on paper and make everyday moments into memories that last a lifetime.

Where Did Your Name Come From?

The name Create 61 is a reference that comes from the roots of my faith journey. It refers to one of my favorite scripture passages (Isaiah 61), where it talks about bringing a message of hope and joy to those who have been silenced, afflicted and oppressed. It talks about binding up those whose lives have been broken into pieces, about restoring streets with safe dwellings and seeing the ashes of destruction be exchanged for beauty. It is all about restorative justice and community transformation that comes from the inside out.

I've been speaking to gatherings of leaders for over 30 years.  24 countries later, connecting heart-to-heart and encouraging creatives, entrepreneurs & leaders is still one of my favorite things to do.



If you haven't guessed it yet, I love  leadership & business books just as much as art supplies. My life long hobby is learning (no, really I'm a complete geek).

INFJ •  MBA Drop-out  • Grad Student (MA in Organizational Leadership - Class of 2018) • Professional Encourager
I believe that the journeys that matter most always start inside us. And that the bravest journey we can ever take is the one where we become exactly who we are created to be: Wildly Loved. Authentic. Creative. Free.

Want some raw, authentic encouragement for your soul, mixed in with me occasionally geeking out over Hebrew & Greek word studies & reflections from my faith journey? If any of that sounds like your thing, check out my other online home, DMichelePerry.com